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Guide book for MTools app.


MTools is a Material Design APP to easily read, write, analyze and charge Mifare Classic Tag. What you need firstly:

  1. Mifare 1KSupported Device.

    • Inner NFC

    • USB: ACR122U PN532

    • Bluetooth: PN532

  2. KeyA and keyB of the sector.

Please comply with local laws, only used for study and testing.

2.YouTube Chanel

3. Lists

When the tag card on the list page, the tag info dialog will pop up. It will show status and suggestions depending on your card type.

3.1 Add Card

Click the + floating button will display Add Card Dialog, put the Mifare Classic Card close to the NFC antenna, then you can add a card to the APP.

3.2 Remove Card

Slide the item toward the right to remove the card.

3.3 Sort Card

Press and drag to sort cards.

3.4 Filter Card

Drag down the list to filter cards by name, UID, SAK, or DateTime.

3.5 Import File

  • *.mto file is the specific JSON file that includes tag information, keys, and rules.

  • *.mfd | *.bin file is the Mifare dump file read by libnfc library.

  • *.mct file is the dump file read by Mifare Classic Tool.

3.6 Export File

Supports exporting to 5 types:

  • *.mto Includes card sectors, dumps, and rules.

  • card-list.csv Includes card, id, name, SAK, and DateTime.

  • keys.txt Includes all keys added.

  • sniffer.csv Includes all sniffer records.

  • record.csv Includes all charging records.

4. Details

4.1 Add & Remove Sector

πŸ†•Click the + floating button and choose Add 1 Sector, select the sector number by sliding the picker, and enter 6 bytes (12 characters) valid key A or key B, click Complete to save.

◀️Slide the item toward the right to remove the sector and keys.

4.2 Modify Key

Click the modify button will display the Modify Key Dialog, select new sector number by sliding the picker, and modify the 6 bytes (12 digits or letters) valid key A or key B, click Completesave new keys or sector.

4.3 Read Sector

After the card is close to the NFC antenna, click on the read button will read 4 blocks of data from the clicked sector, you can modify and write the new data.

4.4 Manage Rule

  • Check on the checkbox for the block to handle.

  • Click on MARK to mark selected blocks.

  • Click on COPY TO to copy the rule to another card.

4.4.1 Mark Money Byte

Mark the byte, then verify the money is correct, and click Next.

4.4.2 Mark Checked Byte

Check the bytes that change and add expressions. Make sure that it's correct then click OK. Supported operations:

Basic: + - Γ— Γ·

Advanced : #

Logical : xor not

CRC8: crc8, crc8cdma2000, crc8darc, crc8dvbs2, crc8ebu, crc8icode, crc8itu, crc8maxim, crc8rohc, crc8wcdma

CRC16: crc16ccittfalse, crc16arc, crc16buypass, crc16cdma2000, crc16dds110, crc16dectr, crc16dectx, crc16dnp, crc16en13757, crc16genibus, crc16maxim, crc16mcrf4xx, crc16riello, crc16t10dif, crc16teledisk, crc16tms37157, crc16usb, crca, crc16kermit, crc16modbus, crc16x25, crc16xmodem

Know More >> Sort Expressions

Press and drag to sort Expressions.

The calculation is from top to end.

4.5 Data Sniffer

Must add correct keys before. After marked, it can be compared with highlight data. Data Backups/Restore, Compare vertically, Rule Repository.

4.6 Sort Sector

Press and drag to sort sector.

4.8 Import Dump

Click the + floating button, Add Dump File choose dump type then select file. The dump file type MTools support:

Mifare Dump is a 1K size file that is read by PN532 with the libnfc tools.

5. Read From Card

Click the + floating button and choose Read From Card, you can add more keys and try to read as much data as possible from the card, and then save it to a dump file.

5.1 Key List

Start with default keys and customed keys added by users

5.2 Start To Read

Try to read as much as possible data with all keys in Key List.

6. Charge

6.1 Set Quotas

Click + button to change to = as Quotas.

6.2 Clear Record

Long press the recharge record list, then pop up the dialog will allow you to clear the recharge record or not.

6.3 Show Calculate Result

Long press the floating button to preview the data generated on Rule.


Thanks to the friends for the contribution to the open-source community, regardless of rank.

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