How To Unlock

MTools Lite supports accessing full features in 2 methods. In-App purchase and the activation code order.

In-App Purchase

MTools Lite app is available on Play Store and App Store. The platform will charge from the client directly. The price of In-App Purchase may be different under different currencies.

There is no limit for devices under same account.

If you have purchased before, just click restore transaction to access full features.

Activation Code

MTools Lite app also supports the activation code for the MTools app. It can be unlocked and unbonded on 1 Android device and 1 iOS device.

How to bind device

  1. Log in with the account on

  2. View all orders.

  3. Bind the device.

Why can not bind

  • Already unlocked.

  • There is no order contains MTools Activation Code.

  • Already bind on another device. It needs to unbind from the original device firstly.

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