How to use TAG Scanner

Tag Scanner is used to scan the UID of 13.56MHz Tags and the tag list can be shared. The function is based on PN532 BLE reader and the Chameleon Ultra device in reader mode.

Supported Readers

  1. All-in-one PN532 - The PN532 Reader with Bluetooth Extension Board.

  2. PCR532 - The smallest PN532 Reader with Bluetooth.

Steps to Scan Tag

  1. Connect reader in MTools Lite App.

  2. Enter Tool > TAG Scanner.

  3. Wait for the power icon turn to green.

  4. Click the PAUSE button to the PLAY button.

Share TAG Records

  1. Click the LABEL button to show TAG Records

  2. Click the TAG Records to share the number ID, UID, and ID as text content.

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