How To Use ChameleonUltra

The instruction of using ChameleonUltra, ChameleonLite, and Dev Kit with MTools Lite App. MTools Lite is the first RFID App supports on both Android and iOS platforms to use ChameleonUltra devices.

What's Chameleon Ultra

ChameleonUltra is a newly launched RFID Simulator for 8 HF tags and 8 LF tags. It also supports read functions on Ultra and Dev Kit.

Connections of ChameleonUltra

  • Bluetooth - Support BLE on Both Android and iOS.

  • USB - Support dual-side plugging USB cable.

How to connect with Bluetooth in MTools Lite

  1. Click the A or B button to power on.

  2. Click the Bluetooth List icon to search devices.

  3. Click the Connect button on the right.

Notice for Bluetooth Connection

  1. Grant the Bluetooth permission for the app on iOS.

  2. Allow Location permission to scan Bluetooth devices on Android.

Functions for ChameleonUltra in MTools Lite

Command Line Tool

  1. Quick action buttons

  2. Battery indicator

  3. Mifare Magic Checker

  4. hf 14a raw Supports

Slot Manager

  1. Fetch all slot statuses.

  2. Enable or disable Slots.

  3. Change LF and HF Slot name.

  4. Set LF and HF Tag Type.

  5. Delete and reset all slots.

HF LF Reader

  1. Fast-read LF and HF Tag.

  2. Simulate Mifare Classic Tag with UID, SAK, ATQA, and empty dump.

  3. Simulate the EM410X LF tag or manually set the ID then simulate.

Dump Manage

  1. Mifare Keys Manage.

  2. Get a dump of Mifare Classic Mini, 1K, 2K, and 4K with known keys.

  3. Modify block data and save it to a new dump file.

  4. Do a quick simulation of the current active slot.

  5. Upload the full dump to the current active slot.

Settings of Interaction

  1. Set the Animation of LEDs.

  2. Set press and long press buttons of A and B.

  3. Set the Mifare Classic Emulation of the current slot.

  4. Get the Mfkey32 Detection log

  5. Enter DFU Mode.

  6. Reset Chameleon Device.

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