How to use ChameleonUltra to write Mifare Dump

The Python-based CLI only supports writing single blocks for the moment. With MTools BLE App you can view and write the whole Mifare Dump to a magic card.

Supported Mifare Type

  • Mifare Classic mini
  • Mifare Classic 1k
  • Mifare Classic 2K
  • Mifare Classic 4K

Supported Magic Card Type

  • Gen1A
  • Gen2(Default)
  • Gen3
  • Gen4(Ultimate Magic Card): Comming soon


  1. 1.
    Connect Chameleon Ultra with MTools BLE
  2. 2.
    Import Mifare Dump with mct, bin or json file.
  3. 3.
    Write dump to magic cards
Last modified 1mo ago