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MTools BLE is used to study RFID cards with inner NFC and external Bluetooth LE RFID Reader.

With inner NFC, you can read and write different types of tag depending on the Platform of your device. With the external Bluetooth LE RFID Reader, you can access all ISO1443-A Type tags with APDU command with optimized commands, also operate the UID changeable magic card with one click backdoor command.

Supported Card Type by NFC





Mifare Classic 1K

Mifare Classic 4K





other ISO14443-A

Supported Card Type by Reader



Mifare Classic 1K

Mifare Classic 4K



Innovision Jewel


Terminal for MTools Lite is a friendly-designed feature for the beginner and professionals. It shortens the complex command and checks byte calculation.

Video Guide

NXP Document

PN532 User Manual.pdf

PN532 Datasheet.pdf

HEX Calculator

MTools BLE app can automatically calculate different types of check bytes, including SUM, XOR, AND, and CS(CheckSum).

BCC Calculator

BCC stands for Block Check Character, which is the XOR value of the UID of the Mifare type card.

ACS Decoder

ACS stands for Access Bits Controller of the Mfiare Classic 1K/4K tag. Fill in the 3 bits of the sector trailer, MTools app will show the permission of KeyA and KeyB while reading and writing the Mifare Sector.

UID Changer

Support change the UID of Magic card from Gen1A, Gen2, Gen3 and Gen4. The functions support on the ChameleonUltra and PN532 Reader.

Learn how to use UID Changer

Chameleon Ultra

MTools BLE supports GUI and CLI for ChameleonUltra, ChameleonUltra SE and ChameleonLite.

Learn how to use ChameleonUltra with MTools BLE

Pixl.js Tool

MTools BLE can manage the file and dump on Pixl.js devices. Also the firmware of Pixl.js OLED and LCD can be upgrade easily.

Learn how to upgrade the firmware of Pixl.js with MTools BLE

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